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Fostering Innovations

Hitachi Ventures looks for the best solutions to address the world’s technical, social and environmental challenges. We believe that fostering disruptive innovations and collaborating with innovative startups help to contribute to the greater good.

Establishing unique partnerships

Through investing in leading startups we establish unique value-add partnerships with Hitachi businesses and customers.

Inspiring the next Hitachi

We offer a strategic dialogue and provide insights into innovations and adjacent markets from the outside-in. Through partnering with the best entrepreneurs, we support Hitachi’s ongoing effort to add value to society and face global challenges.

Our investment areas

Hitachi Ventures scouts for startups in industries of strategic relevance for Hitachi, such as Healthcare, Environment, and future Social Businesses.

We invest in Europe, Israel and North America.

Together with the Corporate Venturing Office team, we initiate and promote strategic collaborations between our portfolio companies and Hitachi’s business units to achieve mutual growth.


Next Gen Mobility, Decarbonization, Green Certificates, EV Battery Tracing, Next Gen Rail, Connected Car, Building Systems.

Smart Life & Health

Precision Diagnostics, Regenerative Medicine, Healthcare Data Automation, Digital Biomarkers & Therapeutics, Smart City, Logistics & Supply Chain.


Bio Manufacturing, Green Chemicals, XaaS/Sharing Economy, Water & Wastewater, Solid Waste Management.

Energy & Environment

Zero Carbon, Carbon Footprint Mgt., Demand Side Optimization, Carbon Free Energy Sources, Grid Balancing & Energy Trading, Green Data Centers.


Hybrid-Cloud Tech / IaaS, Storage Management, Data Integration & Mgmt., 5G & Edge Compute, Security & Digital Trust, Quantum Computing.

New Frontiers

Circular Economy, Clean Air & Water, Smart Agriculture.

Join our team

You have appreciation for startups and the confidence and skills that enable effective collaboration with senior leaders in both the startup community as well as a complex multinational organization?

Join our team and participate in all aspects of the venture capital process. We are looking forward to receiving your application documents.