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Keep up to date with the latest news from Hitachi Ventures and our portfolio companies.

Excited to announce our investment in B-ON and its launch of an entire suite of electrification services, powered by a partnership with Hitachi Group. Interested in an automotive company transforming last mile transportation of people and goods to zero emissions? Take a look at why we have invested in B-ON.

GCV Powerlist 2022: No. 19 out of 150!

Big congrats to our CEO & MD, Stefan Gabriel, for again being recognized as one of Global Corporate Venturing’s top leaders!

Hitachi Ventures invests in Scipher Medicine. Interested in a precision immunology company matching patients with their most effective therapy for autoimmune diseases? Take a look at why we have invested in Scipher Medicine. 

GCV profiles the industry's top 50 CVC Emerging Leaders 2022

Huge congrats to our partner Tobias, who GCV recognized as Emerging Leader 2022! Looking forward to investing in many more exciting start ups together with you in the future! 🚀  

GCV profiles the industry's top 50 CVC Rising Stars 2022

There are many shooting stars, but there is only one rising star for us: Congrats to our amazing Principal Galina, who has been recognized as one of GCVs Rising Stars in 2022. 💫 

Hitachi Ventures invests in WekaIO. Interested in an advanced data infrastructure enabling AI/ML, life sciences research and high-performance computing? Take a look at why we have invested in WekaIO. 

Hitachi Ventures invests in Provectus Algae. Imagine you could convert Carbon Dioxide through light into high-value products in a sustainable way and take a look at why we have invested the Australian biomanufacturing company. 

We are excited to announce that our portfolio company Huma won the Prix Galien Award for the Best Digital Health Solution worldwide. Congratulations to the Huma Team!

Hitachi Ventures investing in Ascend Elements (former Battery Resourcers)

Hitachi Ventures invests in Ascend Elements. Interested in a battery recycling process returning active battery materials back into the supply chain? Take a look at why we have invested in Ascend Elements.

We are proud to announce that Hitachi established a second Corporate Venture Capital Fund to expand strategic investments with special focus in the Environment and Healthcare space. 

We are excited to share our latest panel between James Mawson (GCV), Kenichi Funaki (CVO Office, Hitachi Ltd.) and our CEO & MD, Stefan Gabriel about the momentum of Strategic Corporate Venturing and Collaboration with startups, published by Hitachi Review.

Hitachi Ventures investing in inVia Robotics

Hitachi Ventures invests in inVia Robotics. Interested in a warehouse optimization solution? Take a look at why we have invested in inVia Robotics.

IPO of our portfolio company Sophia Genetics on July 24th, 2021.

Initial Public Offering of Sophia Genetics on NASDAQ raising USD 234M at a Market Cap of USD 1.14B. Congrats to the team!

Hitachi Ventures has been named to 2021’s GCV Powerlist: No. 25 out of 100!

We are excited and honored to be in great company on the Global Corporate Venturing Powerlist for 2021!

Hitachi Ventures investing in Huma

Hitachi Ventures invests in Huma! Interested in a digital biomarker development, validation and delivery platform? Take a look at why we have in investd in Huma Therapeutics.

Interview @ Corporate Venturing Insider

Thrilled to be part of the Corporate Venturing Insider series Vol. 22 – Thanks a lot to TDK Ventures & Startup 500!

Sophia Genetics announces collaboration with Hitachi Ltd.

Sophia Genetics and Hitachi announced a multi-year collaboration to advance data-driven precision medicine.

Hitachi Ventures investing in Rescale

Hitachi Ventures invests in Rescale. Interested in driving HPC market transformation to cloud? Take a look at why we have invested in Rescale.

Hitachi Ventures investing in Proscia

Hitachi Ventures invests in Proscia. Interested in a digital pathology workflow platform? Take a look at why we have invested in Proscia.

Hitachi Ventures investing in ThinkIQ.

Hitachi Ventures invests in ThinkIQ. Interested in a digital manufacturing transformation SaaS company? Take a look at why we have invested in ThinkIQ.

Hitachi Ventures investing in Sophia Genetics.

Hitachi Ventures invests in Sophia Genetics. Interested in data-driven medicine? Take a look at why we have invested in Sophia Genetics.

Hitachi Ventures has been named to 2020’s GCV Powerlist Top 100

GCV compiled it’s 2020 GCV Powerlist of the Top 100 CVC units globally, taking into account strategic and leadship measures. We are proud to announce that Stefan, our CEO & MD, has been named to the top 100 CVCs worldwide!

Akarion and Hitachi Systems Security are working together to enhance Digital Trust

Hitachi Systems Security will use Akarion’s Compliance Cloud to offer an integrated compliance management to its customers.

Hitachi Ventures investing in Taranis.

Hitachi Ventures invests in Taranis. Interested in a digital agronomy solution for all crops? Take a look at why we have invested in Taranis.

Hitachi Ventures investing in Akarion.

Hitachi Ventures invests in Akarion. Interested in Digital Trust and Compliance Management? Take a look at why we have invested in Akarion.

Hitachi establishes a Corporate Venture Capital Fund to support startups as an innovation partner.

Tokyo, April 26th, 2019. Hitachi Ltd. established a new CVC unit, Hitachi Ventures GmbH, to identify and acquire equity interests in fast-growing innovative startup companies globally.